1917 - 2017

36,526 days from start date to the end date equal

100 years

The question is why is he doing this website and why has he chose this subject matter for his first project? The answer is two fold, first he is trying to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL and second, you need a compelling project to keep you engaged and motivated.

Lorine Roberts is what he came up with.

Who is this engaging and compelling subject, Lorine Roberts? She was a remarkable person born July 28, 1917 that I think influences have live far past her mortal life. She is someone who should be remembered by the younger ones who never met her and need to know why they were born where they were born and why their parents or grandparents are who they are.

So how do we begin this captivating journey of compelling discovery? Well, I suggest we start with those who knew her best, her kids. Each one will have an opportunity to reflect on what “Mother” meant to them either through spoken narrative, a letter, reflection or a list of fun memories.

Just think about it, there were actual people walking around who were born into sociably accepted and legalized slavery. The very day she was born July 28, 1917 a coalition of Black civic and religious groups organized what is known as the Silent March in Harlem to protest the treatment of Blacks. Not able to imagine the world she grew up in and wonder what she would think of today world also justify these efforts.